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DADOquartz Baths & Basins

Elevate your lifestyle by investing in the most innovative and lavish fixtures for contemporary bathrooms today. Our selection of luxury bathroom products is ergonomically designed to provide the utmost style and function for any high-end bathroom. With the ingenious DADOquartz material, achieving the ultimate sleek, elegant aesthetic of the modern bathroom goes beyond just the “look” of lavishness. These DADO baths and basins reflect the true essence of luxury in their performance as well as style.

Manufactured in South Africa, these products are engineered with resins and natural minerals in order to provide a material that exceeds the standard for ordinary luxury bathtub manufacturers. Furthermore, each and every DADO quartz bath product is individually finished by hand to ensure absolute perfection. With a material designed to resist even the smallest blemishes, veins or cracks of any kind, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than flawless. Curated to provide exceptional durability, remarkable surface texture, resistance to blemishes and an incomparable finish, this unique material exemplifies the pinnacle of modern-day innovation. With our high-end products, you’ll do more than simply look the part.

DADOquartz is a 100% solid quartz-stone material. Unlike, Solid-Surface bathtubs that are only ''solid on the surface'' and more like a biscuit on the inside.

This unique feature of the DADOquartz material is what makes it ''THE MOST LUXURIOUS BATHTUB MATERIAL IN THE WORLD''.