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Freestanding Pedestal Basins

Revolutionize the standard for bathroom d├ęcor with our selection of contemporary pedestal basins. These tall, standing DADOquartz pillar basins are not only intricate works of art, but they are also fully functional. Made with the innovative DADOquartz material, these modern pedestal sinks will not deteriorate with age, as they are resistant to the blemishes that come with time. With a sleek, simple design, these round and oval-shaped bathroom pedestal basins can be used in a variety of ways. Able to retain the temperature of water for longer than the average modern pedestal sink, these freestanding pillar basins ensure a soothing experience for every cleansing action.

The beauty of the structure comes from its utter simplicity. Although unique in their shape and form, these pillar basins embody a classic, traditional concept while transforming it into a more modern piece. Able to elevate the ambience of any ordinary modern bathroom, these tall, freestanding pedestal basins offer much more than a normal cleansing experience. Understand true luxury by delving into the lavish experience that comes with our modern pedestal basins. An advantage of our floor-mounted pedestal basins is the fact that you require no cabinetry, saving you on costs. They are also more hygenic and easier to clean. Perfect for your powder room or luxury establishment./p>

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Pearl White DADOquartz Freestanding Pedestal Basin Sink LANA

Freestanding Pedestal Basin.
LANA, is derived from the Hawaiian name, meaning ''Calm still Waters''.

Make a statement in style. It's simplicity is captivating, it's functionality is remarkable. You will find this Pillar Basin is the worlds most awarded 5-Star venues.

Silky smooth to the touch our unique and natural DADOquartz material ensures that the water remains warm for longer.

Place a functional artwork in your bathroom. All 'round' winner.

List Price: $2,750.00
Sleek White Oval Freestanding Pedestal Basin MORGANE

Freestanding Pedestal Basin.
MORGANE, derived from the old Celtic name, meaning ''Dweller of the Seas''.

Oval shaped and sleek. Surprisingly functional in a variety of settings.Have a discussion with our Interior Design Consultants for advice.
Silky smooth to the touch our unique and natural DADOquartz material ensures that the water remains warm for longer.
A bathroom sculpture.

List Price: $2,750.00
Freestanding Pillar Basins.
Elegance in it's simplest form.